Monday, April 13, 2009


We ended up having a really great day yesterday. We went off to Riverside to go to my in-laws ward, went egg hunting and then had an Easter brunch. After that we headed to my mom's and had a dinner and another egg hunt - more candy...yey :P So after ALL of that we went to my dad's fiance's house and had another dinner! Man I haven't eaten that much in a loooonng time. But you just can't help yourself when you are surrounded with super yummy food!

Melia had a blast looking for eggs, and got loaded with candy/presents and was just loving being around all her aunties and uncles and grandparents all day long. Hope you all had a totally fabulous Easter :)

My little Easter bunny

Searching for loot

The stash

Just being silly

So pretty! (Minus the chocolate get up)

My sweetheart and I

Melia loves to pose for the camera!


  1. Looks like she had such a great day!

  2. Love the mother-daughter pose!

  3. I think Melia is just the cutest thing ever!

  4. Melia is such a sweet little girl!!

  5. Happy Easter! Melia got the hook up on eggs. I love the pic. with the lollipop. That looks like a pic. that shirley temple would have taken. What a cute girl she is.

  6. YEa for a good Easter!!! That sounded like one fun family day :) Melia looks so so stinkin cute in her dress. I love her cut poses for the camera too. :)