Friday, March 6, 2009

Still in my Pj's

Yep, this is me...typing away in the middle of the my pj's :) I am still exhausted from all of the craziness that happened last night at the "tryouts". It left me feeling a little disappointed in the whole selection process (only about 60 random people got to participate in playing out of 3000+ people) But oh well that's show biz I guess!

We got to the Casino a little after 4:30 pm and waited...and waited...and waited until 9 pm where we all got to stand some more in a room where 20 people in our group of 1000 got randomly chosen to solve some puzzles. Do I wish it would have been me or one of my friends to get called up there?? Well heck ya... but unfortunately it didn't turn out that way. It was pretty fun once we got up there though. The host was such a ham and he got everyone pumped up and screaming. It was fun to hang out with Kristen and her mom and Connie, without them I would have probably not been so thrilled about the waiting. My only hope now is that the host guy said they'll pick more random names out of the drum when they get back to LA to come audition down there with the finalists of last night.

I know it's pretty far fetched but I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

This was the first time we got to sit down after HOURS of standing

The stage

The coveted yellow wristband

One of the lucky devils that actually got to go up there

This was an after we didn't get chosen picture, I think it's pretty self explanatory

So for now I think I'll just stick to solving the puzzles in the comfort of my home. :)

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