Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snow Day!

Since we are on an inverted, confusing and backwards schedule, our weekend is the opposite of everyone else's. So today being our Saturday, and before Bryce had to go to school and work, we ran up to Oak Glen where they still had about a foot of snow! It's nice to have it so close by - I don't even think we were driving 5 minutes before we started seeing snow.

Living away from snow most of my life I am not too terribly fond of the stuff. Its just the facts folks - it's cold, wet and miserable. I have never even been snow boarding or skiing because I have such a low cold tolerance. I secretly think I was born as the first cold blooded human ever.


But I am willing to sacrifice all of that for my fam...and the sun was shining so it wasn't tooo bad after all ;) And I didn't think Melia was really going to like it (when it snowed at our house in Dec. she HATED it! Ha!) But she totally had the time of her life. She mostly just sat and ate snow but we took her down the hill a couple of times. We broke down and bought a snow disk for her because we thought it would be faster and fun(ner). OK I'll confess - we were being ghetto and we brought our boogie boards! lol

So here we are on the way up the hill

And this is Bryce and Melia's first run

And this is Melia's first snow angel...and Bryce throwing a snow ball at me

This is the snow man Bruce made with his bare manly hands...
(that's one of the things we didn't have were snow gloves)

This is when Bryce was about to run in the picture but Melia whacked the poor guys head off...

But don't wasn't Frosty's day to die
Yes this is me...actually enjoying the snow! he he

After we were done playing, and we were only done because none of us had snow pants...or snow shoes and we were soaking wet (I guess we are not too prepared for the snow) we had lunch at Apple Annie's which is a really cute bumpkin restaurant up there.

We had our lunch and I was sooo looking forward to getting their apple crumb pie to go. So we got it and paid for it all and left. I was not even a foot out of the door when the container flew from out of my hands and landed all over the floor in front of me. Oh I wanted to cry! That emotion came right after I almost took a picture of it on the ground...( now that's true blogging spirit right there!)I was ALMOST tempted to save the pieces that didn't touch the ground...OK not really but that's how good it is. I will have to make a return trip soon just to be able to sit down and eat my dang pie!!

Moral of my story: Snow is FUN!


  1. that looks like you had fun, wesley has never seen snow before i wonder if he would like it. sorry about the pie, what ever happened to the 5 second rule???

  2. Sounds like fun! I am still crying over your pie!

  3. Go you!!! It definatly did look lik a lot of fun. I can't get over how old Melia is looking.