Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Disneyland - Day 1 of 365

Woo hoo!!!
I have been really excited since Valentine's Day because Bryce surprised me with Disneyland passes. He is such a punk really - I bugged him about going to Disneyland about 2 months ago and it seems like whenever there was a perfect day to go he would say no and put it off like he really never wanted to go to Disneyland ever again! So I was getting frustrated that he wouldn't take us...little did I know he was planning to get us passes for Vday!
(Which honestly surprised me I almost peed myself - Bryce is usually not a huge planner and thinker when it comes to gift giving!!) haha which is somewhat my fault actually because I've always told him I like to shop for myself!

So anyways, our neighbor has Dland passes too so Melia and I went with them. Bryce had to miss out on all the fun becuase he had school but we are planning on going with him next week.

It's really nice to know that you don't have to do absolutely everything in one day at the park. We actually relaxed and stood in line for photo op's with characters which is always been a huge time orientated no no in the past. It was fun to spend time with Melia in Fantastyland and do all the kid rides. She really loved the teacups and carousel, but she was so brave and did Pirate's (twice!) and Haunted Mansion. I think she did get a little freaked on that ride, she covered her eyes when the zombies popped out of the gravestones! She didn't want to look at the ghosts in our car either but I asked her if she had fun and she gave a little yes nod but I wasn't so convinced ;)
My favorite by far is Space Mountain and Matterhorn...and of course The Tiki Room. I haven't watched that show for the last 15 years so I forgot how cool it was.
The Tiki Room

Melia loved playing in Minnie's house in Toon Town

Fun on the carousel

Melia was in absolute heaven when she got to take these pics with Tigger and Eyore.

Our FUN Disney date

Melia ran up to tinkerbell when she saw her and gave her the biggest hug
It was sooo cute

Telling a story to Rosetta (the newest Pixie Hollow cast member)

I would go everyday if I could, just to see Melia's funny expressions over and over again. It's an entire new world that she is discovering and it really is priceless to watch her meet the charactures she's seen on a movie or in a book.
It really brings the magic back into everything for me being able to watch Melia's imagination grow. Ah I am such a sappy mom.


  1. How fun. Disneyland makes all your dreams come true!!

  2. So so fun!! We definatly will have to go sometime together. I am so excited to have passes this year too. What a great husband to get you those :)

  3. What a great gift. You are going to love your Dosney passes. It feels so good that you don't have to spend the entire day their to get your money's worth either.