Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guitars and Still No Camera!!!

Wow so where the crap have we been??! I have been such an unfaithful blogger these last two weeks. In part I blame that on Best Buy for holding my camera hostage. Btw I was supposed to get it back today so I called them and they told me that they don't show any status change since the arrival date...
Sigh...you mean its been at Kodak for two weeks and they probably havent even looked at it!! Geez this is getting a little annoying! I just want something that is built to work properly and that lasts for more than six months. I just don't think it's possible anymore.

OK so anyways we really haven't been up to much these weeks any how so not like I really had anything to post. We did have a fun night out with some friends 2 weekends ago when we went to go see Terry Fator at Casino Morongo. If you didn't watch America's got Talent last year, Terry was the winner and he's a great ventriloquist/impersonater/comedian/singer. I actually hadn't watched it either but we were looking for a good comedy bit to go to.
Bryce has started school again and I have started my string of guitar lessons. I know you are all DYING (haha) to see my progress, but it'll be awhile until I actually know anything decent.
So in the mean time we are just the same ole, same ole' and Melia is still her oh-so comical self.

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