Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bad Cameras and New Hobbies

Ugh! I hate cameras!

OK I don't hate them really. I actually love them to a fault.

But now mine is broken and I hate the dang thing because I won't get her back until the 20Th...

I have really had a bad time with Kodak's...actually Ive been through 3 of them in 3 years... I think now is a good time to switch!

So anyways... I am getting into new hobbies because I am finding that I have A LOT of extra time on my hands. So a couple of months ago I bought an electric guitar...I am so inspired by all things guitar! And I received a gift certificate to a guitar shop in Redlands from my AWESOME mother in law...gosh have I said how incredibly rad she is?? And its for 4 guitar lessons.

Fabulous, I know.

So I am going to start those a week from today and I am positively giddy thinking about me learning to play. I am a little scared though - I hope I can pick up on it fast.

So...Id take a picture of my guitar to show you - but the dang Kodak's zoom decided to bust.
But it might be better that I show it to you in a couple of weeks when I can actually play the thing.

Also I have been thinking of taking some photography classes too. The stuff amazes me to the point of no return.

So if anyone knows anything about these two areas and can give me any advice I would love to hear it!

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  1. Cool deal!! I tried learning guitar but I have no talent in that area. I'll leave that to my hubby who plays very well. As for the photo classes Ritz camera has good classes. RCC does too.

    BTW Nikons are great cameras. I have always had nikons and have recently got a coolpix s550, I absolutely love it.