Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall sunsets

I know I have been tagged previously to do this...but I was at my grandparents house in Utah so I used their picture files. So being tagged again I get to use MY files...and also I have nothing else to post...so here it is! (The 4th picture in my 4th file)
I took this picture last fall. It is one thing I love about the location of our house is that we have a perfect view of sunrises and sunsets, and in the fall we have absolutely beautiful sunsets!

Ok ladies I tag anyone who has nothing else to post and has a neat 4th picture in their forth file!


  1. Ok, I will do this but I have to kind of cheat. We transfer all the pictures over to my hubby's computer and when it is full he backs them up on a hard drive and CD. So I don't really have a lot of pictures on my laptop and no folders. So I picked one of the older pictures I have and posted it. Don't tell :)
    When is Melia's birthday? Rylan's is the 28th of Dec. and will be three.