Friday, September 5, 2008

For all you MAC lovers out there...

So I was just thinking of how much I enjoy makeup and I forgot to tell you guys that if you are interested in buying MAC makeup for 40% off - then I m your girl. No catches, no gimmicks,
just being the expert in skincare that I am - (Ha!) =) i'm a MAC Pro member with awesome benefits. So... just let me know. Tell your friends too - the prices are pretty close to anything you'd buy at Rite Aid. I can order online or if your bored enough we can drive down to Brea and make an afternoon out of it.


  1. UGH!!! I can get my mac pro card but I am just to lazy to do it! Stupid huh?.......and I totally spent $85 there today! sigh! I was thinking we should get together or something sometime. Her eis my email:

  2. that sounds good let me know when you are going, i need to get some cover up for these bags under my eyes! :)