Friday, August 29, 2008

Parting can be so sad...

Well as of two days ago we are 100% pacifier free!
I walked Melia to the trash can and tried to explain that she is a big girl now and big girls throw their pacies away because they don't need them. That's right! We are going cold turkey! She was hesitant at first and finally agreed. Then we watched as the trash man took the trash away. But I don't think that she realized that this was a long term agreement. She often looks for it especially at nap time and bed time, but I think she is adjusting really well. Well, yesterday was a different story. She cried for hours asking for paci and would not go to sleep but finally zonked out at 3:30. She didn't want me, I guess im the mean mommy who took her security away. Good thing Bryce was home to console her. But today is a new day and she seems like a happier little girl. Let's just hope it lasts.

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  1. i am really scared for when I take away wesleys pacifier it is not going to be fun!