Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Rainforest Adventure

Melia and me posing with our elephant friend

Melia's favorite animal on our excursion

Melia and Bryce and possibly the golden idol of the rain forest
Align Center
Melia's face as we walked into the restaurant. Priceless!

Melia has met her match! And don't mind the mean cackling mom in the background!

For those who haven't ever eaten at the Rain forest Cafe, it is a real treat especially if you have kids. You enter into a tropical lush forest with huge salt water fish tanks that connect at the ceiling. There are "real" animals everywhere you look. Elephants, gorillas, birds, jaguars, huge bugs, etc. Every 30 minutes there is a thunder storm which makes all of the animals come to life. I would recommend this place to anyone. The food is not bad either, but you do pay alot for the scenery. We have so much fun when we go and luckily today I had my camera with me. Melia was totally entertained the whole time - except when the gorillas came to life - she freaked! We had a fun day.

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  1. wow that lady is so rude, laughing at your poor baby when she was so scared! :) i do the same thing to wesley! shhh!