Monday, August 25, 2008

Why I love Coupons!

Ok... not to brag or anything...ahemtotallybragging!...Sorry, I had to clear my throat, I just wanted to share with you one of my other hobbies when I have nothing to do. The wonderful and exciting world of couponing has taken hold of me! Ok so I should have zoomed in into the reciept but computer dummy me cant figure it out. What it says is that I had bought $86.06 of groceries and I only paid $23.93 for the whole lot! Wahoo! The best part is after they scan everything you are like, Holy Crap I spent that much! Then you swipe your club card and you think - oh thats better. And then you hand them your coupons and watch the numbers get even lower. Lastly when the transaction is complete you do a happy jig in line because you just saved 73% off of your bill. Ok how freakin cool is that? Just think of what I can do with that $62.13! Momma needs some new shoes or I can get my hair did- or buy 60 snickers bars! With all of that money I saved--- wait --- I think I am missing the key word here, SAVED. Hmmm, maybe I'll just stick in my SAVEings account. Ummm... yeah I can't hear you over the cash registers cha-ching and my hairdressershairdryer!Thank heaven for coupons or I would live in a shack.


  1. where do you get all your coupons?

  2. I totally want to get into coupons! I don't even know where to start!