Saturday, August 23, 2008

Asian - or not?

Ok this one definetly has to go down in the history books. For all my life i have been teased for my "asian eyes". "Allison open your eyes!" they would say to me as I smiled for a picture. Ugh! They were open as a matter of fact. Ok seriously what the heck! My husband is a smart man and to make me feel better he calls them beautiful almond eyes... right... Just when I had accepted that I am beautiful the way I am (haha!) and had left all of the childish tormenting behind, I was recently browsing a friends blog and I came across this Celeb look a like thingie and low and behold I am shown as I am really supposed to be! This Song Hye-Kyo is probably a second cousin of sort - I am convinced!
It just proves that the story my dad always told me about finding me as a baby in the dumpster is not such a lie after all. Hmmm... I should so be in Biejing for the Olympics right now...with my real family!

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